8 Apr

I finally have something once again that is fun and educational to offer the DC Beer Community. As some of you may know, the Bourbon in Glover Park took me and my beer knowledge in after the Brickskeller closed its doors in December. I’ve been working brunches at Bourbon since August and I’ve decided brunch can be a great time to sell some good Craft Beer. Many countries abroad, including Germany drink a nice refreshing brew or two in the afternoon with a good hearty meal.

So… to honor this tradition, so to say, I’m featuring three beers every Saturday during brunch from 11:30am-5pm. I’m offering the option to enjoy a tasting flight of each if you want to try them all, along with the tasting notes (provided to you in a handy brochure that explains the beers and the history behind them). Although I do love talking about beer to any patron that walks through Bourbon’s doors, I’m glad to offer everyone a “cheat sheet” to take home so they can actually remember and appreciate what I’ve decided to make them try.

My goal each brunch is to bring people back to the basics so they can appreciate where the craft beer scene we know today came from. I’m not trying to offer the most exotic and innovative beers every Saturday. What I’m trying to do is create a learning environment where you can try something new or rediscover something old and learn something new about it.

I hope my beer followers and fellow beer lovers come out and support me but I’m catering a little more towards the average Glover Park patron so I can convert them to the craft beer scene. Bourbon’s brunch has always been solid. I’m trying to mix up the usual mimosa and bloody mary drinking during brunch into some good craft beer drinking. And while the promotion art says you can come drink with Rachel Murray and her Brunch Time Brews, I just want to continue changing people’s perceptions about craft beer. I want them to learn something new when they come sit at my bar. And I hope you decide to be one of those people, I hope you can learn something new from me, but most of all, I hope my passion for BEER inspires you as much as I was inspired by the friends and mentors who taught me along the way.

So… Come by for Bourbon’s awesome brunch food and drink some good beer along the way. I have a feeling this combination will turn into something beautiful.


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