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my beer week – part one

15 Jun

This is the first in a series of posts in which I will recap my own experiences during the days leading up to SAVOR (a yearly american craft beer & food experience in DC) and the days I spent exploring Philly Beer Week. I had my own personal beer week so to say. Got the chance to drink some dank brews and meet some cool new friends; so read on and hopefully you will learn something from my week!

To kick it off, on Wednesday June 2nd, I mangaged a Three Floyds tasting at the Brickskeller. Brewers Barnaby Struve and Nick Floyd graced us with their presence along with 8 of their delicious brews not usually available in the DC area. About 4 years ago is I was introduced to this brewery from Munster, Indiana. We received a few of their beers in at the Brick; Gumball Head, Robert the Bruce, Alpha King, and Dreadnaught. They did not last on our shelves for very long and sadly distribution to DC did not last very long either. Till this day, I get asked all the time if we carry Three Floyds. They have definitely become a favorite in the beer world. Especially for Dark Lord Day, the one day of the year on April 24th when you can buy their famous Dark Lord Imperial Stout, but only if you drive up to the brewery. It’s a beer that’s rated very highly on all the lists and brought up in conversations about rare beers all the time.

On Wednesday, when they came to the Brick, I was excited to see that they were bringing Dark Lord, but not just any Dark Lord… it’s was the oak aged in bourbon barrels version! Finally, after years of hearing about this beer I was able to try this delectable, chewy, boozy stout (13% abv) and it was good. I was glad to cross it’s path for once. Brewer Barnaby Struve (formerly at Rock Bottom Bollston, a former local brewer!) made the event by speaking on our stage once again about each beer and fielding questions for three hours, even though he and Nick had been travelling since 8am. Three Floyds stakes their claim in crafting “not normal” beers, and if you find yourself in the midwest you should try them out for yourself. It is some of the finest craft beer around and worth a trip.