surprise, surprise!!!

14 Jul

Beer School has been going amazingly the past two nights. Monday was super chill. Had about 10 people signed up for the class, plus a few of our newbie workers from the brick. Dorlyn, one of my fellow bartender/managers, and I moderated the first class (YAH!!! for Women running the show). People asked great questions and interacted with each other which is exactly what I wanted to see happen!

As of last Friday, only two people we’re signed up for the Tuesday session. But when I came into work yesterday in the late afternoon, the class had gone up to about 16 people!! Which is awesome. We sorta got the ball rolling late with the press surrounding beer school but in the end it seems to have come together. Yesterday I co-taught the class with Alex, one of our super passionate servers who loves his beer. Having Alex their helped because he brews a lot more than I do and can help explain the process to the class a little better than I can. And for some reason, the attendees drank a lot more of their beer than Monday’s class. I guess after being at work for two days you need a little more drink inside of ya…

Well. Tonight I have 25 people coming, which is a little more than I really wanted in a class but we haven’t figured out how to put a cap on the tickets being sold. Just a few kinks to work out the first time around. Things could be a lot worse. I’m sure when I get to the brick in a few hours the number will have gone up. Plus the local press is coming tonight!! People are really liking the whole concept we put together. I’m crossing my fingers that the class does not become too big… I really enjoy have good interactions with everybody and hearing what they have to say. It’s me and Alex again tonight. Wish us luck!!! And maybe I’ll see you there.


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