Wish you were on a Island? So do we…

7 Aug

A day late and a few hops short… Today’s 5 beers come from my fellow Brickskeller Beer Slinger, Alex. Starting from number 5 and moving downward, here are his picks to enjoy on a deserted island.

Photo Credit: Bernt Rostad CC

5. Cantillion Lou Pepe

  • An amazingly tart and refreshing Lambic from some folks who do it the best. Lou Pepe is a Belgian Lambic blended to resemble French wine… The Best of both worlds.

Photo Credit: @joefoodie CC

4. Bear Republic Racer 5

  • An outstanding example of a West Coast IPA. Dripping with resinous hops, it some how resembles tropical fruit punch.

3. Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout

Photo Credit: jeremydeades CC

  • This stout is silky smooth and rich with chocolate, smoke and rawhide. Very few stouts can stand up to the complexity of this one.

2. Ommegang Witte

  • A very mature and refreshing wheat ale from one of the best breweries making Belgian Styles this side of the Atlantic. Try this one and you’ll never think about Blue Moon again.

1. O’Hara’s Irish Red

  • I (Alex) lived on an island once: Ireland. And while Guinness is Ireland’s most well know beer, it doesn’t hold a candle to O’Hara’s. Slightly salty and fresh tobacco makes me long for the Antrim Coast.

Want to know more about what Alex likes to drink!! Check him out at thinkingpersonbeer.com

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